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Lincoln Public Adjusting is a well-connected Public Insurance Adjusters Organization. We take pride in maintaining an AllStar customer service experience. Our experience in Public Adjusting has given us great advantage in securing the most compensation for our clients.

Our experts are friendly, responsive, and attentive advisers who address your needs before, during, and after the claims process.
We relieve you of the persistent and tedious demands of the insurance companies. Let us help you save your time and your money.

Team of Experts

Unlike other public adjusting firms, we have a team of professionals that can work with us on your claim.
Some of our team include attorneys, contractors, loss consultants, public adjusters, estimators and appraisers. Our professionals have developed an extensive network of contacts that are brought in on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the most professional and thorough claim adjustment is achived for our clients.

Property Damage Experts

We are skilled and experienced in recognizing various types of property damage to either your home or commercial property. It’s with our years of experience filing insurance claims for clients that we have seen so many variations of water claims, mold claims, fire claims, roof claims and hurricane claims. (we have worked through both Hurricane Irma, Michael and others).

Lincoln Public Adjusting has experience in delivering results in all types of damage.

The first step in the recovery is connecting with an insurance adjuster and starts with you scheduling a free inspection by either calling or emailing us today. We then visit the damaged premises and review your insurance policy

We pay attention to details

Lincoln Public Adjusters evaluates each and every claim on case-by-case
basis to determine how to best approach that particular claim.

Our goal with every claim is to hold the insurance company accountable to the obligations set out in the policy and completely indemnify the policyholder for their loss. While other firms may look to maximize the number of claims they process and settle on what they think is ‘’good enough,’’ we know our clients deserve better.
We give you the power to help recover

We Are Not A Referral Firm

All claims are adjusted by our in-house public adjusters throughout the entire
We do not simply sign a client and send them out to be handled by another firm.

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