AC Leaks In Miami

Miami AC Leaks

Living in Florida we all have one thing in common and that is air conditioning leaving homeowners across Florida prone to leaking air conditioning especially AC Leaks Miami. The most common problem we see in Miami is the drain line getting blocked up and then flooding the house causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. A Miami AC Leaks Public Adjuster can help you with your insurance claim and will be there to look after your best interests and ensure you get the full payout you deserve.

Another common issue we find is the AC leaking on wooden flooring causing it to warp or split. For a lot of homeowners who file their insurance claim on their own they often get told that their insurance will only cover the area where the immediate damage was. In most cases the flooring will likely be discontinued and impossible to match and even if you can get a hold of the original flooring there will be a noticeable difference between the colors as flooring tens to age.

Don’t let your insurance carrier get away with only paying a fraction of what you need to repair your home and contact your local Miami Public Adjuster near you for claim representation now.

Public Adjuster Near Me

As public adjuster in Florida we often hear the question ”who is the best public adjuster near me” 

You should away try find a public adjuster near you when you have a AC Leak as time is of the upmost importance. The reason being that you need to get your home dried out as soon as possible and make a decision on whether to file an insurance claim for the damages.

A Lincoln Public Adjuster Miami is a expert in everything insurance and is there to guide you on the long and complicated homeowners insurance claim process.


Q. How to file a homeowners insurance claim?

A. The process of actually filing the claim is as easy as calling your insurance carrier and filing it over the phone and some carriers like universal insurance even have a app. 

Doing this on your own is not recommended the main reason being that you are not a insurance expert and could end up filing under the wrong cause of loss by not knowing the difference between flood damage and water damage or hurricane damage and roof damage

Better let an expert public adjuster take care of everything from the get go.

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