AC Leaks North Miami

North Miami AC Leaks

Lets face it living in Miami Florida we all use air conditioning especially during the summer months and are at risk of AC Leaks in North Miami. What typically happens when you have a North Miami AC Leak it that the drainage line gets blocked thus causing your HVAC unit to overflow into your home and potentially flood it out. Typical damages we see that occur from AC leaks in Miami is water damage to wood flooring causing it to warp, damaged dry wall and paint, and even Mold.

When you see water on your floor or signs of water on the walls or ceiling its important to get a plumber or a public adjuster near to come out right away to asses the damage. It may not look like a lot of damage but more often then not once you start looking a whole lot more of the damage becomes visible. At the end of the day your insurance carrier needs to bring you back to pre loss condition and pay to repair the full extant of your damages.

Unfortunately we see again and again homeowners here in Miami being offered low ball offers for the AC leak water insurance claim knowing that a large amount of people will take it and go away not knowing they have options.

This is where a Public Insurance Adjuster Can help. Public Adjusters are licensed by the state and have a fiduciary responsibility to the insured to always have their best interest in mind at all time.

When you file a claim your insurance carrier will send out their own adjuster to asses the damage on their behalf. This adjuster is paid by and works for the insurance carrier not you. 

On the other hand your Local public adjuster near you works for you and who’s sole job is to protect you and your interests.

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Q. My AC is broken will my insurance cover it?

A. Your insurance carrier will only pay for ensuing damages and not for the actual item that broke like a broken AC or a burst water heater.

A good example of this is that if your roof leaks your insurance should pay for all the inside damages but they will never pay for the cause of the issue i.i the roof. If however there is a Hurricane that does damage to your roof you will be coverd for it per you policy. The reason being that the cause of the loss was the hurricane and the ensuing damages i.e the roof and all of the interior should be covered.

These are questions we get asked every day If you have damages in your home and want to know if you can/should file and insurance claim fill out the form for a free claim inspection.

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