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Adjuster Help with Citizens Property Insurance Claims

Many policyholders contact us because they find dealing with Citizens in their attempts to resolve their insurance claim is often a very arduous and extremely time consuming process.  This is the main reason why many turn to public adjusters for professional assistance. In a reversal of a law that was originally enacted in 2011, the Florida legislature has now given Florida public adjusters the full ability to help Citizens policyholders with their insurance claims when help is needed most. 

Unlike all other insurance carriers in Florida, public adjusters were prohibited from collecting any fees until an initial offer was made by Citizens. This wasted time, promoted gamesmanship by Citizen Adjusters, . The law also discriminated against Citizens policyholders who felt they needed professional help and representation with their claims but just couldn’t get it this is exactly why the State created public adjusters in the first place.

Under the new law, public adjusters can now adjust on any Citizens Homeowners Insurance claim including Fire Damage, Hurricane Damage, Water Damage, and Mold Damage.

Another issue Citizens policyholders must deal with is Assignment of Benefits (also known as the AOB). This is where a water clean-up restoration, and general contractors put clauses in their contracts that assign all the benefits of a policyholder’s insurance claim recovery over to them. Unfortunately, the practice is being abused with water, Hurricane and fire claims where the contractors are making repairs without the insurance companies OK, increasing costs and then suing the insurance carrier when they ultimately won’t pay. This puts the policyholder in a terrible predicament and we would tell policyholders to think twice before signing such a Assignment Of Benefits.

Trying to combat this, in 2019 Citizens changed the coverage in their policies for  water losses. Now the limit is capped at $10,000. Unfortunately, AOB abuse and the resulting spike in litigation have prompted these restrictions. But going forward be aware of this limit for water losses with Citizens. 

 Other insurance companies such as Peoples Trust are instituting what are called managed repair programs where the only option is to use their preferred vendors This acts to save the insurance company money but doesn’t necessarily provide the best repair option for the policyholder. We would encourage Citizens policyholders to confer with a public adjuster to determine if their claim warrants assistance.


Managed Repair Programs

Managed repair programs are the newest way insurance carriers like Peoples Trust and citizens try to save money. As a homeowner you should have the right to hire whoever you you want to repair your home. 

Typically when a compnay is a preffered vendor thier best interest wont be with youbut rather with their employer which in this case is the insurance carrier. This could lead to cheap and shoddy work.

Citizens Insurance Claim In Miami

Citizens Insurance Company insure a vast amount of homeowners in Miami and South Florida.

Recent changes to their policy have left numerous homeowners distraught and with no funds to repair the damage

As a homeowners in Florida you have options. A Public Adjuster can help with your insurance claim No matter is it is a water loss or a hurricane loss.

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