Condominium Association Insurance Claims

Condominium Association Insurance Claim

Does Your Condo Association Have A Public Adjuster?


Our team of Local Public Adjusters will work with property managers, management companies, and HOA boards to coordinate, manage and essentially become your sole point of contact for all parties involved in a condominium insurance claim. 

The importance of understanding the complexities and differences of the Condo Policy vs. Unit Owner policy, as well as each associations’ by-laws is fundamental in navigating and interpreting the complexities of coverage.

Condominium Association Insurance Claims.

Lincoln Public Adjusters excels in assisting Property Managers, unit owners, and Board members alike with association property damage claims.

Unfortunately, we find that a large portion of property managers and association boards are not well informed in the feasibility of filing an insurance claim for property damage. With nearly 15,000 associations registered so far in the state of Florida many have been impacted by the perils of property damage in one way or another.As a result, many of these losses that would have been covered under the building’s master policy are not being filed. 

Consequently unit owners are facing having to pay special dues in order to fund major repair & restoration projects to items such as: roofs, sub flooring, fire sprinklers, windows, and other areas that may have been damaged due to hurricane, water, mold or other covered perils and should have been covered by the Insurance instead

Common Condo Association Questions

Damages in condominium buildings present complex issues to both the unit owners and association alike.  Common Property Damage Questions we get asked are.

• My neighbors shower pan leaked down into my bathroom who is responsible?

• My upstairs neighbors unit leaked down into mine what does my insurance cover and what does the association cover?

• There is water coming through my exterior windows who is responsible?

• I live on the top floor and the roof is leaking into my apartment do i need to file an insurance claim with my insurance carrier or is it an association issue?

• Backups keep happening in my building will the associations master policy cover it?

Condominium Association Insurance Claims


Who is responsible? This really depends on the associations bylaws. In most cases that we see, the association is usually responsible for what we call “the building envelope” this includes roof, windows, sub floor, and drywall. Although each associations bylaws are different and need to be examined closely on a case by case basis.

Documenting The Damage


Being able to provide records and reports of the property conditions will help you avoid the most common excuse the insurance company will use to try and deny your claim.  What we hear most often from insurance adjusters representing insurance carriers, is that damages are pre-existing, old damages, or maintenance problems and thus not covered for the loss reported. Being able to show your insurance company proof of damages with condition surveys completed before the loss will be of great benefit and help win your case in a claim dispute. 

The initial documentation of your condominium association damage claim is imperative in providing the evidence needed to create an initial presentation to your insurance company. Taking photos and videos with a smartphone or any other device will help solidify your claim and show important documentation of damaged property that may not be obtainable at a later time. Our Public Adjusters have the experience and trained eye that allows us to immediately understand the scope of repairs with clarity.


How A Lincoln Public Adjuster Can Help You

Condominium claims are very complex. Lincoln Public Adjusters have successfully navigated the course for numerous Condo Associations, delivering to our clients the settlements they deserved. Our professionals are caring and easy to work with, and we employ a no-nonsense attitude when dealing with the insurance companies on your behalf.

Recovering the right settlement that you need requires persistence and experience. Insurance companies often rely on the fact that their customers are not sufficiently informed to represent their own best interest when pursuing a Insurance Claim for damages to their property. In the case of Condo Association claims, the amount recovered can depend heavily on not just the assessment of countless details, but also the proper collection and submission of vast amounts of documentation and other supporting evidence.

 Do you fully understand your insurance policy and what is expected of you if the time comes for you to file a Homeowners Insurance claim? Lincoln Public Adjusters understands, and we’re ready to put our knowledge to work for you. Don’t settle for less. Get Claim Representation Now.