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Does Your Insurance Need To Come Out To Inspect Your Property After A Loss

As Public Adjusters in Florida we come across lots of homeowners that have filed an insurance claim on damage to their home but their insurance carrier has not bothered to send out an adjuster to inspect the damage. This begs the question, Does your insurance carrier need to come out to inspect your property after a loss?

Prior to denying the insured’s claim, the insurer  has a duty to investigate the claim. Pursuant to Chapter 58, the insurer may not “Fail to adopt and implement reasonable standards for the prompt investigation of claims ” and “Refuse to pay claims without conducting a reasonable investigation based upon all available information.” See G.S. § 58-63-15(11)(c), (d). Thus, the insurer may not simply place the entire burden of establishing the claim on the insured.

A reasonable investigation should include a in person inspection and full investigation of the damaged and effected areas.

When filing an insurance claim per Florida law your insurance carrier is obligated to to reply within 14 days and start a prompt investigation of the damage.

If you feel that your insurance company is not properly handing your loss, the worst thing you can do is wait, hope, and wish.

You need to call to get help, ask questions, and take notes – including the names and license numbers of every person you encounter on the phone and in person.

Florida Public Adjuster

W recently had a client tha filed an insurance claim for Hurricane Irma 2 weeks after the storm wrecked havoc through South Florida. Their insurance carrier informed the insured over the phone that they did not have coverage (they did) and they closed the claim right then and their with no further investigation. We were called out after a portion of the roof caved in which was a direct result of a storm created opening on her roof.

Unfortunately this is just one example of insurance carrier not upholding their end of the policy thus leaving countless of their insureds with out the coverage they paid for every month

Independent insurance adjuster

Often times the adjuster that your insurance carrier sends to your  property works for a third party; this means that the adjuster holds an independent adjuster’s license. Don’t assume that someone who introduces themselves as an independent adjuster is unbiased. 

Having an independent license number means that the adjuster can work for many different insurance companies at the same time and is not tied to just one particular company.

Remember only a public adjuster represents you  and advocates on behalf of  you the policyholder. If you feel like your insurance carrier is playing games or not treating you fairly you can give us a call at any time to hold them accountable.