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A Margate Public Adjuster

There are lots of residents in Broward County and Margate in particular that still have open Insurance claims. Water damage claims caused by leaking pipes, busted valves, and cast iron pipe problems are the most common Homeowner Insurance claims that we see. Unfortunately a lot of these Insurance claims end up being either denied Insurance claims or underpaid insurance claims. A Margate Public Adjuster in Broward County will protect you and ensures you recover the full amount you deserve, so you can get your house back together. Our motto at Lincoln Public Adjusting is. Don’t settle for less.

Hurricane claims that are still open from Hurricane Irma is another big problem we are seeing. Hurricane Irma slammed into South Florida In December of 2017 and caused upwards of 65 Billion dollars in damages. If you or someone you know may have Hurricane related damages you still have time to file. Fill out the form below for a free claim inspection. 

How A Public Adjuster In Margate Can Help You

One of the most common answers we get when asking a homeowner why they didn’t file an insurance claim is that they didn’t know they could file, or that they were scared to file a insurance claim. A Lincoln Public Adjuster in Margate can help you with your homeowners insurance claim, and will ensure that you get paid out the full amount you deserve. 

Public Adjuster Margate

F.A.Q We Get or Margate Insurance Claims

Q.  How much does it cost to hire a Public Adjuster in Margate?

A. Public Adjusters in Broward county and all over Florida work on a contingency basis meaning they only ge paid when you get paid.

Q. How do i know if i should file an insurance claim?

A. As Public Adjusters in Florida we have a fiduciary responsibility to advise you on what is in your best interest or not, and we will even inform you when it might not be in your best interest to file.  

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