Free 5 Point Inspection

Lincoln Public Adjusting offers a Free 5 Point Inspection to all Homeowners in the state of Florida. A 5-Point Inspection will include Roof, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical ect.
A good time to get 5 point inspection is after a major weather event like a Hurricane or Tropical Storm or whenever you suspect you have something going on in your home but not sure what it is. We will come through with state of the art equipment to find out the source of the issue.
By getting your roof inspected you can ensure that you don’t have any Hurricane damage and a Insurance Claim doesn’t need to be filed.

The Benifits Of A Free 5 Point Home Inspection

Its FREE!!!!!  The inspection is a free no obligation service we provide to all homeowners who ask for one.

If you think you may have damage to your home whether its fire damage, water damage, or hurricane damage we will have an Licensed Public Adjuster over to your home within 48 hours to have a look at any potential damage.



Q. What happens after the inspection?

A. If there is no damage that’s great news. If there is damage to your home and you decide you want us to represent you, then as licensed Public Adjusters in Florida we will work to get you fully indemnified for your loss. 

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