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Do you know how much your hurricane deductible is?
Do you know where to look to see if you have a water exclusion on your policy?
Do you have a co-insurance policy?
Did your insurance agent explain to you what you are covered for?

These are just some of the reasons why you should have your insurance policy checked over every year it gets renewed or when you change to a new carrier. Very often your insurance carrier sends you a letter in the mail about a change to your policy knowing most people don’t read it or understand it only to find out after they have a significant loss that they have no coverage.
At Lincoln Public adjusting we have a passion in explaining people’s policies to them in simple words so you can understand it. We have a saying among us “If one client changes their policy and later on they have coverage to fall back on after a loss we have done our job correctly”.

How A Public Adjuster Can Help You

The initial contact with your insurance carrier is critical. This contact can be the difference between your claim being paid or getting denied.
Differentiating between belongings and property that can be repaired vs replaced can be overwhelming.
The many requirements and the extent of the damage all come into consideration at this point in your Homeowner’s Insurance claim. It’s hard to properly calculate what amount will effectively cover all the damages to your home. It may seem like the insurance carrier paid you enough. In reality it could require so much more to repair your home and bring it back to Pre-loss condition.
The complexity and time-consuming tasks can be taken off your hands by a  Public Adjuster.
Let us help represent you and help you navigate your insurance claim.

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