Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster

Hurricane Damage

Florida’s history is filled with hurricanes that have wrecked  havoc for homeowners across the State of Florida, with the most recent being Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael. Whether its a few blown shingles or severe roof damage. It’s very important that property owners connect with a professional Lincoln Hurricane Damage Public Insurance Adjusting expert to gain a clear understanding about their insurance coverage for Hurricane damage.

Even though you pay your insurance premium each month, when you need it most the insurance company may try to find a way to pay you as little as possible, or avoid paying altogether for the damages sustained to your property by the Hurricane.

In the face of these often devastating storms, homeowners along the coast and other areas that are susceptible to hurricane’s must make sure they know what their insurance policy covers, and what to do after the storm, so they can begin to rebuild.

Hurricane Damage Tips

  • Cover Up Your Damaged Property. It’s important that if your property sustains any damage, that you cover it up with a tarp or something similar to prevent water intrusion or any other further damage. Reason being, that as the insured you have the responsibility to prevent your property from sustaining any further damages (if not done the Insurance carrier could use this as a excuse to deny your claim).
  • Document Everything. Photograph Everything: A picture is worth a thousand words.
    It is recommended that you start outside your property and get the entire side of the house house in each shot — all four sides. Start by taking wide shots of the house, then move in closer to take shots with more detail.
    On the inside of the house start taking photos of every room from every corner and every angle. If your personal property is damaged take some overview pictures and then some more detailed ones. (on average we take between 500-1000 pictures of every loss)

    A complete photographic record is important to being able to prove losses if you need to file a claim.

  • File Your Insurance Claim Promptly. Insurance policies typically require you to act fast after hurricane damage or storm damage. This is why it’s important to get all your information together as quickly as possible.

How can a Public Adjuster help me.

The initial contact with your insurance carrier is critical. This contact can be the difference between your claim being paid or getting denied.
Differentiating between belongings and property that can be repaired vs replaced can be overwhelming.
The many requirements and the extent of the damage all come into consideration at this point in your hurricane damage insurance claim. It’s hard to properly calculate what amount will effectively cover all the damages to your home. It may seem like the insurance carrier paid you enough. In reality it could require so much more to repair your home and bring it back to Pre-loss condition.
The complexity and time-consuming tasks can be taken off your hands by a Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster..
Let us help represent you and help you navigate your hurricane damage insurance claim.

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