Hurricane Public Adjuster

Hurricane Isaias and all that is wasn’t

With the way 2020 has been going so far people have more than enough to worry about. Reports that Florida will experience a very active hurricane season was the last thing that anyone wanted to hear. On August 1st Hurricane Isaias was predicted to be heading to Florida on a similar path that Hurricane Irma took back in 2017 and the early predictions did not look good. 

As the storm was taking aim at South Florida it took a unexpected turn east and stayed off the Floridian coast by just a few miles in some places.

With Hurricane season just starting to heat up as historically the months of September and October are the most active months lets be thankful for this opportunity of the near miss and prep for a time when we may not be as lucky.


Hurricane Preparation

With many storms already occurring earlier in the year, this Atlantic hurricane season is proving to be different- and stronger- than past ones. In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, FEMA is urging people to prepare as early as possible.

The administrator of FEMA Pete Gaynor recently stated how disaster plans are being altered accordingly to best work within the current crisis. He explained how having safe shelters for people, as well as testing people for coronavirus before entering these shelters, makes the process more complex than before.

Know who your public adjuster is

There is an $80-billion-dollar disaster fund currently set up for this hurricane season, however only time will tell if this fund will be enough to cover disaster that may arise throughout the season. 

FEMA has expressed how plans are being to be made that implement the least amount of in-person contact as possible,  it is ultimately up to local and state officials to make decisions in regards to the best way to work through this coming hurricane season.


Evacuations are something that most Floridians are used to but being that we are in the middle of Covid this changes things a little. Although many precautions are being made by local and state official people should still make sure they prepare in any way they personally can as well. This includes adding hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial cleaning supplies to your emergency kit as well as making sure you have a safe emergency shelter for this hurricane season. 

The last place you want to be right now is in a shelter.


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