Hurricane Public Adjusters

Storm And Hurricane Public Adjusters

A Hurricane public adjuster is a licensed professional and represents your best interest in a homeowners property insurance claim. After experiencing residential or commercial loss from a hurricane or storm, you should get a public adjuster involved as soon as possible. Adjusters have a profound knowledge about everything insurance related so they can ensure you get all the funds entitled to you. 

Natural disasters can turn our lives upside down, and as homeowners that means potential property losses. These damages could amount to thousands or even millions of dollars. A public adjuster for hurricane and wind damage can be there to advocate for you and your property.  Public adjusters handle the back and forth, questions, endless forms and tiring negotiations process.  Discover what our adjusters who specialize in hurricane claims can do for you during this critical time of recovery.

A hired adjuster can significantly diminish the time you spend dealing with your insurance claim. Your adjuster will guide you on proper protocol for repairs and documenting expenses, even if your claim is denied. Enlisting the help of a professional adjuster generally produces a faster resolution.  As a result, the process is hastened so that you can begin your renovations as soon as possible.


Benefits of Hiring an Adjuster for Hurricanes & Wind Damage

Public adjusters for hurricane and storm protect your policyholder rights. An public adjusting advocate gives you an advantage if your claim is denied. Additionally, your adjuster can serve as a witness in the event you must take further action to attain your settlement.

Adjusters are hired by you for you. They will ensure fair value for your claim. In fact, a study in Florida found that adjusters negotiate settlements up to 700% higher if you were to file without their help. This statistic is especially true after a catastrophe when they companies have a high volume of losses to process and just try to get away with low ball offers.

Hurricane Preparation

Do I need an adjuster for a hurricane claim?

 Public Adjusters help streamline the claim process after you suffer wind inflicted damage from a hailstorm or hurricane in Florida. You may not have the time nor the energy to deal with insurance company demands. We can handle the tedious process for you to give you more time to repair other areas of your life.

In cases of severe destruction, adjusters who specialize in storm and hurricane make sure that you do not miss anything due to you for your claims. It can be confusing as to what counts and what does not.  You may miss some of the destruction or think it is irrelevant. An adjuster can identify any hidden structural damages and fully value your property losses as well as account for all your possessions.

After any disaster, you want to return to normal as quickly as possible. However, be wary if your coverage provider tries to offers you a quick payoff. Your adjuster can make sure the value offered to you is sufficient to repair all that damages. Additionally, your coverage provider may be delaying your claim. They have an obligation to not only respond to you but to also process your claim within a set time frame. A professional adjuster can be a useful resource anytime you sense your carrier is giving you the runaround.

Anytime you believe your settlement is unfair based on your coverage, it could be beneficial to contact or hire a public adjuster. We are here to help get you the funds you need to make sure things look just as they did prior to the hurricane damage that occurred.

A final indicator that you could benefit from a licensed professional adjuster is your insurance company adjuster’s behavior. If they encourage you to stay away from a public adjuster, this should set off an alarm bell. You can make this important decision on your own. You can assess if the costs and expertise of a professional adjuster are worth it for you.


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What exactly does a public adjuster do?

A public adjuster allows you to get your life back to normal as they handle your property claim. Your Public Adjuster Miami  will set every appointment with your carrier’s staff. If a hurricane or storm happened our Florida Public Adjuster asses the full extent of the damages and is there to protect your rights as the policyholder.

You do not have to worry about going back and forth with your carrier as we make the process easier by compiling all the documents you need to receive your funds. Your adjuster is the expert advocate who can contend with the carrier on your behalf. In a nutshell, we will manage your claim, fulfill the claim filing requirements a help recover the appropriate funds per your contract. We can also help avert litigation, which will leave you with more of your settlement money in the end.

How can I protect myself in the event of Storm or hurricane?

What is a hurricane and wind claim?

Regular insurance policies usually cover direct physical damages from windstorms. If you have water damage that is directly connected to the damage caused by the hurricane your insurance carrier should be covering that too.

Hurricanes and wind expose your property to damages from the windstorm and any associated floodwaters. However, property flood and windstorm contracts often do not coincide. Windstorm contracts exclude harm from floods, while the flood contracts exclude windstorm damages. You must be prepared to explain which weather phenomenon caused respective losses. Your adjuster can aid you and make it easier to determine the cause of your ruined property.

What happens when I hire a public adjuster?

Reach out to the Florida Public Adjuster of your choice. You should provide them as many details as possible. You all will then schedule a consultation to estimate the damages incurred. The adjuster will make recommendations for next steps based on your losses and coverage.

Your adjuster will analyze the provisions of your policy to determine coverage, limits, exclusions and any other applicable forms. This will enable you all to create a strategy to collect and present the documentation. Supporting documentation could be based on court cases and other factors that might influence your standard policy.

After your claim is submitted, your adjuster will follow-up on its status to quicken the processing of your claim. Your professional Miami public adjuster will effortlessly answer any questions the coverage provider poses for clarification You will be kept up to speed during the entire negotiations process, and the claim will not be settled without your approval first.

What is a public adjuster for hurricane and wind?

If you select to use a public adjuster for hurricane or storm, you will have a player on your team who wants to see you receive the highest returns possible. We have the skills, resources and experience to make the arduous adjustment process simple.

You will work side by side with us to ensure we get you the terms that satisfy you. There will be no confusion because we can speak the lingo used by security providers. Take one less stressor off your plate by enlisting the help of an expert to obtain your settlement.

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