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Homeowners insurance claims can come in all forms. In the year of 2019 water damage insurance claim were the most common damage filed by a public adjuster in Davie Florida. sudden and accidental water losses can come in the form of a water leak from your upstairs neighbor, or a p-trap leak. water leaks can occur in kitchen and bathrooms alike n place in your home is really exempt from a water damage loss.

Fire damage insurance claims cause devastation across Florida and Miami destroying home and causing millions of dollars of damages in the process. A fire damage public adjuster will help you recover the full amount you deserve and need to put your house back together.

Every year in Florida hurricane season comes around and there is a big chance of a tropical storm or hurricane causing massive damage. In 2017 hurricane Irma tore through the state of Florida affecting areas such as Miami, Orlando, Naples, and Davie. When filing a hurricane insurance claim its in your best interest to have the best representation and a Davie Public Adjuster will help you every step of the way.

Why Should I Hire A Public Adjuster In Davie Florida

When you file a Insurance claim  your insurance carrier will send over their own adjuster who will evaluate the damages they see and value your claim accordingly. Unfortunately a lot of claims get underpaid and this is where a Florida Public Adjuster can help.

A Public Adjuster will evaluate the COMPLETE value of the damages and be you advocate to make sure you get paid the full amount you deserve and in a timely fashion too

Public Adjuster Davie


Q. Whats the difference between a Public Adjuster and a Attorney?

A. There are many differences between public adjusters and attorneys. To put it simply an Attorney knows how to litigate but public adjuster is an expert in insurance and knows how to build the claim. In fact its common for attorneys to reach out to public adjusters for help building their case.

Now there are times when an attorney can help when the insurance carrier refuses to uphold their side of the insurance contract. This should be as a last resort and after exhausted all other avenues.

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