Public Adjuster For Denied Insurance Claims

Underpaid Or Denied Insurance Claims

Your insurance claim has just been denied. Your property may have been subject to a devastating Hurricane, vandalism, flood, and even a fire. What do you do? What are your options? Insurance claims can lead to denial for various reasons. We take pride in having helped a multitude of property owners who have had their insurance companies deny or severely underpay their claims. As a public adjusters, who specialize in reopening claims, we can work on your behalf.

What’s The Re-open Claims Process?

Reopening claims is a process just like any other. You start with a visit to a public adjuster. From there, the visit will either take place in your business or home where they review all your documents such as the policy you had when the damaged took the place, the estimate your insurance gave you and all records of the repairs that were done. The public adjuster would then figure out if the claim can be reopened. If this were to happen, the public adjuster will then contact your insurance company and then they will have to re-inspect the damages.


Reasons for Denial


There are a few common reasons why your insurance claims can be denied, they are:

  1. Not filing on time. Many insurance companies require you to report the damages as soon as possible in accordance to the terms of the policy.
  2. Not enough information given of the said damages. It is very important to give accurate information for the damages that were done to your property. It is your responsibility to give this information to your insurance company.
  3. Exclusion clauses. It is also important to understand the exclusions in your insurance policy. Typical exclusions can include things such as: pool patio awnings or exterior paint.
  4. Mitigating the damage. As a policy holder, you are expected to protect your property after the damages. If you do not protect your property and more damage occurs, your claim can be denied.

What If Your Claim Is Denied?

Contact a public adjuster. If you feel as if there were some type of discrepancies in your homeowners insurance claim especially since you know that you were supposed to be covered but you got denied, contact a Florida public adjuster and let them know what went wrong.

Re-Open Claim

When Can It Be Reopened?

Reopening claims vary from state to state. Fortunately, in Florida you can reopen insurance claims for up to three years. You can reopen claims when:

  • You feel that you were wrongly denied or underpaid and want to revisit the subject.
  • You’ve filed an insurance claim before and may have forgotten to list some of the damages.
  • Damages were reimbursed on a repair versus replacement basis.

Case Study

Brad experienced a leak in his kitchen, which resulted in damages to his kitchen, flooring, and the ceiling and walls of his living room. His insurance company would only offer him $3,672 for the damages, but it ended up being $3,172 after the deductible. This was not enough to fix his damages.  Brad ended up hiring a public adjuster, and it was all worth it because in the end, he ended up receiving over 650% more money than the initial settlement.

What We Offer You

If your claim has been denied, and don’t know how to proceed. Lincoln Public Adjusters can help you. We will fight for your denied claim and help obtain the maximum settlement you deserve to help you pay for the damages to your home. Don’t settle for less.