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Insurance Claims For Fire Damage

A fire insurance claim is one of the most complex types. Insurance companies often overlook or underpay the full cost of repairs to your home. Fire claims require attention to detail during the entire claim process.  This is where Lincoln Public Adjusters can assist and ensure you receive maximum compensation for your damages as well as getting your life back to normal as quick as possible.

If fire damages your home, the insurance claim process can be one of the most severe and long types of property loss to sift through. Many homeowners willingly accept what the insurance company tells them, even though they are not experienced in all the steps, terms, and jargon that are used in the insurance industry. Being a victim of fire damage to your property can be a very heart-breaking scenario. It is the worst property damage that can occur to a property owner.

 What do you do next? Filing a claim may not be the first thought that comes to mind. You will probably need a few days to regain your composure, but do not wait too long as it is essential to take action immediately. Hiring a public adjuster can allow you the time necessary to compose yourself.

What We Offer You

Insurance companies tend to deny fire damage claims. If you have suffered fire damage and were denied your claim, or just need guidance in what to do, we are your solution.  We deal with fire claims daily and have a specialized group of public adjusters. We will strive to obtain the most favorable claim results for your damages.

You might not be up for the fight, but we are your back-up. Losing your property to a fire is not something someone should have to deal with alone. Just contact us today and speak with one of our skillful public adjusters. You have nothing to lose, just to gain.

Tips for Filing Fire Damage Insurance Claim

 Homeowners filing a fire damage insurance claim should document damages, this includes:

  • Keep all the documents just in case there’s a dispute to settle later in the process
  • Taking pictures of all the damages
  • Date of the damage
  • Type of loss
  • Condition of home
  • Contact authorities if necessary
  • Mitigate the damages on your property
  • Don’t throw anything out or clean anything up until the public adjuster investigates the damage

Environmental Conditions After Fire Damage

Smoke that is released from a fire is a mixture of particles and chemicals that have been produced by incomplete burning of carbon-containing materials

Fire damage public adjuster

Why You Should Speak With A Public Adjuster

A Public Adjuster will always be the homeowners’ advocate and is always recommended to dispute your claim to make sure you receive what you are entitled to. We bring our experts to assess the extent of your damages and fight to regain all recompense for the harms done. We work rigorously and promptly so you may continue your normal life regardless of the damage your property has sustained. We will help settle and dispute your claim to make sure you receive every cent you are entitled to and to ensure you as the homeowner, are happy with the results of your claim.

Some people decide to file their insurance claim on their own with handling fire damage claims with the insurance companies instead of getting help and legal protection in the form of a public adjuster. This can cause many delays in the claim when the homeowner decides to go it their own the settlements and replacements may be heavily delayed. 

Most insurance companies will negotiate not to pay the full amount the repairs and replacements will cost. In most cases, insurance companies find it easier to go against homeowners when they do not have their public adjuster as there is no one to fight for the homeowner’s rights and in most cases take advantage of the situation. Many homeowners do not fully understand the complicated process of filing an insurance claim, and the many technicalities of their policy.

Case Study

A restaurant in Orlando Florida caught on fire after an electrical short in a exhaust fan above the kitchen ignited two alarm fires. Water and smoke also caused damage to the structures. The insurance denied the claim, so they hired a public adjuster who negotiated a deal with the insurance company to pay the staff in an agreed amount per week until the reopening. The public adjuster also hired several mechanical engineers to work on the reconstruction.

How Smoke Can Affect Your Health

  • An individual with a heart or lung condition, an older adult, young children, a person with diabetes and a pregnant woman are the main ones at risk during a fire.
  • According to the Department of Health, inhaling smoke even for a short amount of time can have adverse effects. Irritation to the eyes, throat, nose can be caused by inhaling smoke. In the instances where you inhale carbon monoxide, it can reduce alertness, it can aggravate a heart condition and give you headaches because carbon monoxide diminishes oxygen supply in your body
  • Individuals who live in areas with higher air pollution, can suffer long term effects that include: increased mortality rates, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic diseases.



Does Home Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

Homeowners insurance should cover fire damage. According to the Insurance Information Institute, homeowner’s insurance will help pay for additional costs of having to live away from your home if your home is uninhabitable. Your insurance should also cover detached structures such as sheds or detached garages and fences, if they were caught in the fire. Your personal belongs and/or landscaping that may have been caught in the fire are also part of the homeowner’s coverage. If you feel like your homeowners insurance has not entirely covered for everything that was in the fire, reach out to an experience public adjuster. Lincoln public adjusters will help you win your case!


What Can’t Be Covered Under A Home Insurance Fire Damage?

  • Arson and fire damage in a vacant home are not covered under insurance policy. For one, arson is a criminal offense and often gives incentives for people to collect insurance money.
  • When a vacant home suffers fire damage, insurance companies usually would not cover it. A home is vacant when no one has lived there for more than 30 consecutive days. In some home insurance policies, they provide “vacant home insurance” which essentially covers theft, wind, hail, fire vandalism and anything standard that’s given in a standard homeowners insurance policy.

What Do I Say Or Ask My Insurance Company After A Fire Damage?

  • As soon as you contact your insurance company ask them about the immediate needs of your house which includes pumping out water, covering doors, windows, and other openings to the home.
  • Ask them what to do next. Most insurance companies would tell you to make a list of everything that has been damaged in the fire and they will ask you to describe the items in detail and include all the price for how much you paid for the damages

What To Expect After A Fire Damage?

  • According to The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA, you should expect to see severe damage to your home after a fire due to the flames, heat, smoke, and water. Anything that you want to keep will need to be cleaned properly. The firefighters may cut holes in the walls to look for existing hidden flames and they may also cut through the roof to let out the heat and smoke.
  • It is also important to use caution when re-entering your home and be aware of the health and safety risks.
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