Public Adjuster Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters in Hallandale Beach are always needed, due to its close proximity to the beach its especially vulnerable to Hurricanes causing damage coming of the coast. During Hurricane Irma Hallandale Beach was one of the first places in Miami Florida to be evacuated. The statute of limitation to file a Hurricane damage insurance claim in Florida is 3 years.

Hallandale Beach Public Adjusters dont only help with Hurricane related homeowners insurance claims but also Water damage insurance claims. If you have a shower pan leak or a leak under the kitchen sink from a leaking p-trap or broken garbage disposal a Lincoln Public Adjuster in Hallandale Beach can help.

Fire damage claims is another major contributor to to claims files in Florida. If a you had a fire devastate your home we can help you recover. Remember you have options!!! 

If You Are In The Insurance Claim Process A Public Adjuster Hallandale Beach Can Help

Time and again we see homeowners in Hallandale Beach who after having a devastating loss to their home give up all hope in ever recovering money from their insurance because they believe that no from the Insurance carrier means no. Just because your insurance carrier says they wont cover your damage or only they only agree to pay out a fraction of what your claim is worth doesn’t mean you are out of options. Your local Public Adjuster near you can help.

Public Adjuster Hallandale Beach


Q. Does my homeowners insurance cover my water heater that broke and flooded my house?

A. Per you policy your insurance will cover anything damaged by the cause of loss for example, the damaged laminate flooring or the baseboards, However, your insurance wont cover the cause of the loss ie. the broker water heater this will have to be replaced by the homeowner. 

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