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Hollywood Public Adjuster

Hollywood Florida has a population of almost 200,000 people. Homeowners Insurance claims that are related to wind or hail are the most frequent kind of claims; the costliest types of loss are related to fire and lightning. About one in 20 insured homes In Hollywood Florida and Miami has a claim each year. Lincoln Public Adjusters are a new breed of public adjusters here in Florida with Adjusters all over the state of Florida including Public Adjuster Miami, Public Adjuster Broward County, Public Adjuster South Florida, and Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale to name a few. According to FAPIA. Public Adjusters represent only 10 percent of all Homeowners insurance claims in the state of Florida. As a homeowner who has filed a claim already or is going through the homeowners insurance process now you should have proper representation in a Public Adjuster who has your best interests in mind and will close our your claim for the full amount that you deserve.

How A Public Adjuster in Hollywood Florida can help

A Public Adjusters job is to recover the full amount that you deserve from the insurance carrier. No matter where you live in Florida a Public Adjuster can help. With Public Adjusters in south Florida, Public adjuster in Naples , and Orlando we really are your local Public adjusting firm. Unlike other firms we do everything in house from the estimating to the scope. At Lincoln we do it all.

Hollywood Public Adjuster


Q. Why should i hire a Public Adjuster rather then a Attorney?

A. Public adjusters are the first line of defense when an insurance dispute arises. First, a claim is going to need to be scoped and valued. A Attorney will hire a Public Adjuster to do that work if someone goes directly to them. Attorneys know how to litigate, but a Public Adjuster knows how to build the claim and recover the most out of your Homeowners insurance claim. If the loss needs legal representation it should be as a last resort as litigating on a loss will only prolong the whole process. 

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