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Jo is a homeowner in Lauderhill Florida, In January one of the supply lines under his kitchen sink failed and started spraying water all over his kitchen subsequently damaging the kitchen cabinets and flooring. Jo filed an insurance claim for the water loss, when the insurance adjuster only valued his claim at a fraction of what is was going to cost him to repair Jo called his local Public Adjuster in Lauderhill. 

The next day Jo’s Lauderhill Public Adjuster was on the scene and after scoping the full extant of the water damage claim determined that the insurance company underpaid on the claim. 

Three months later Jo received enough money to do the repairs needed in his home bringing it back to pre-loss condition. Unfortunately insurance adjusters are often rushed or under trained to adjuster on the full extent of the damage thus you the insured end up getting underpaid. A Public Adjuster Miami will help you with your claim and always has your best interests in mind.

You Can Hire A Lauderhill Public Adjuster After You File A Insurance Claim

It’s a big misconception that once you file a insurance claim whether its a hurricane damage insurance claim, fire damage insurance claim, or a water damage insurance claim that you have to take what yourt insurance carrier is offering you and that you have no other options.

In the State of Florida you have 2-3 years to reopen a insurance claim. A Miami Public Adjuster will help you reopen your claim and help get you a fair.settlement 

Public Adjuster Lauderhill


Q. How long do i have to file an insurance claim?

A. Your insurance carrier typically wants you to report the damage within 14 days, however in some cases like hurricane related insurance claims you have up to three years to file the claim 

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