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Recently we got called out to a condo in Oakland Park and the owner was complaining of a water leak from the upstairs condo. A plumber was called out and determined that the water leak was actually and AC leak. Filing a air conditioning leak insurance claim can be tricky but a Oakland Park  public adjuster can be your advocate for your homeowners insurance claim in Oakland Park. All AC units are susceptible to leaks due to blocked drainage lines if your AC unit is leaking and causing water damage a public adjuster in Oakland Park can help with your insurance claim.

Right after you discover your AC leaking you should mitigate the damage meaning stop the damage from getting worse. The easiest way to do this is just turn the AC off and that should stop the leaking. After stopping the damage from getting worse call your local public adjuster near you for help and advise on your insurance claim.

AC Water Damage Public Adjuster Miami

Being that Florida experiences high temperatures year round all homes have AC in them, and are at risk from water damage from their AC unit.

A water damage public adjuster in Miami will represent you on your claim against the insurance carrier to ensure you have the full settlement you deserve for your homeowners insurance claim.

Public Adjuster Oakland Park


Q. My AC is leaking what do i do?

A. Water damage can happen in multiple ways in Oakland Park Florida. One of them is AC water damage, when a water leak happens the water can travel through multiple rooms. A Florida public adjuster in Miami can help with your water damage insurance claim.

 Lincoln public adjusting has adjusters all over the state of Florida including Public adjusters in Orlando and public adjusters in Naples if you need claim help give us a call now.

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