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How To Choose a Public Adjuster Palm Beach 

While Florida has a good weather for most of the year, natural disasters such as strong Hurricanes or Tropical Storms. When Hurricane Irma slammed into the state of Florida in 2017 it left more than $45 billion worth of damages with countless residents left with no homes. 

What makes any disaster even more worrisome is the fact you may be left stranded if your Insurance Carrier decides to under pay you or even deny you claim. To ensure it doesn’t happen to you, work with a professional Public adjuster near you in Palm Beach.

What is a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster is the representative you’re looking for when it comes to your insurance claims. If you own a property in Palm Beach or West Palm Beach and you have suffered from damage, then you might want to consult with a Public adjuster in Palm Beach.

One of the biggest hassles for Homeowners Insurance policyholders is filing a claim. Insurance companies always protect their interests, and as such they hire their own independent adjusters whose job is to look for ways to bring down the costs.

We function similarly only we work on your behalf and represent you. Our objective is to help you collect what’s due to you so you can get you house back to pre loss condition 

Palm Beach Public Adjuster

What A Public Adjuster in Palm Beach can offer


As your Palm Beach Public Adjuster, we provide a wide range of services all geared toward a hassle and pain free insurance claim process:

  • Assessment – First, we evaluate your existing policy, including terms and conditions and make sure you are covered for the loss. 
  • Appraisal – Just as the insurance company performs its own appraisal, we’ll also do the same. We ascertain the REAL cost of damage and how much you will need to rebuild your property. As well as ensure you get compensated for any personal property that may have been damaged as well as any extra living expenses you may have incurred 
  • Representation – We understand the stress the whole claims process can give, by having a Public Adjuster in Palm Beach represent you against the Insurance Carrier we aim to alleviate that stress and ensure a smooth process  and provide you the funds you need to fully recover 

Let us be your insurance representative so you can spend less time worrying about this and more time about other things. Call us today and get yourself representation for your Insurance claim from a Palm Beach Public Adjuster near you. From Lincoln Public Adjusting

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