Public Adjuster Plantation

A Plantation Public Adjuster

public insurance adjuster in Plantation is a licensed professional that policyholders can hire to represent their best interests in a homeowners property insurance claim. The public adjuster helps manage the claim, make sure all the  claim filing requirements are met and recover the full amount a policyholder deserves per their policy. Unlike the insurance adjuster who is sent out and hired by the insurance company, the public adjuster in plantation works for you. Many policyholders will also hire a public adjuster in Broward County or a public adjuster in Miami before hiring an attorney to avoid litigation and retain more of their settlement.

If you have Water damage from your upstairs neighbor of Hurricane damage to your roof you can get your claim help here. Just remember DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS!!!!

Why You Should Hire A Plantation Public Adjuster For Your Insurance Claim

You might think that filing a insurance claim is no big deal and that you can do it yourself. Although you can file the claim by yourself its not recommended as the devil is in the details and one wrong move can get your insurance claim denied. It is also your responsibility to prove to the insurance carrier the value of your claim and our professional adjusters in Plantation Florida are experts in scoping  and estimating thus ensuring that you get the full amount you deserve for your claim.

Public Adjuster Plantation


Q. What happens if there is water damage from upstairs neighbor

A. This is actually a very common water damage insurance claim. When you have water damage from your upstairs neighbor you can still file the insurance claim and your insurance carrier will cover you for your damages. If you live in a condominium then your condo association will cover the shell ie. walls, dry wall, windows, and your insurance carrier should cover everything else per your policy.

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