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Pompano Beach Public Adjuster

Pompano Beach was founded in the year 1908. In the early 1900s up until 1975 the main material used for the plumbing in your home was cast iron. Cast Iron plumbing is extremely susceptible, and is know to completely fail leaving the homeowner with no choice other then to replace the entire cast iron pipe system. Replacing your entire cast iron plumbing system can be very costly and cost upwards of $30.000 and that’s before fixing the inside of your home. If your have a backup of there are strong smells coming for your home then you could have a cast iron pipe problem. In general this is something that your homeowners insurance should cover. If you need help with your claim or have underpaid and don’t have the money you deserve to fix your home a public adjuster in pompano beach can help. Remember Don’t Settle For Less.

How A Public Adjuster Pompano Beach Can Help You

Filing a insurance claim is very complicated and time consuming, whether its a Hurricane damage insurance claim, a fire damage insurance claim, or a water damage insurance claim a pompano beach public adjuster will help represent you and ensure you get what you deserve.

Public Adjuster Pompano Beach


Q. Whats the difference between a Public Adjuster and a Attorney

A. Public Adjusters have a fiduciary responsibility to have the homeowners best interests in mind. Being that Public Adjusters get paid on a contingency fee meaning they only get paid when the client gets paid this ensures that they close the claim out for as much as possible and in as short amount of time as possible. A Attorney on the other hand gets paid by the hour so they could be intensified to sit on the claim for as long as possible. Another point to bear in mind is that Public Adjusters fees are capped via the states statutes Attorneys are not and can charge whatever they want.

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