Public Adjusters For AC Leaks

AC Leak Public Adjuster

Air conditioners are known to cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages to homeowners every year in Florida.  Sometimes your insurance company may not want to pay for those damages, or  just pay you a fraction of what you are owed for the damages you suffered . One tactic a lot of insurance carriers use is to get you to  think you were neglectful, or lacked the proper maintenance of your A/C unit.  As your public adjusters for AC leaks, we assure you that we represent the policy holder, not the insurance company, we would seek to get the maximum claim from your insurance company, and foremost we would provide you with all our knowledge and with all of our years in experience in handling an air conditioner claim in Miami.

A common question we get asked is Does flood insurance cover a/c damages?

Flood coverage in your insurance policy is usually an extra rider unless you live in a flood zone. If you have water leaking from your AC unit and it floods thus ruining the floors this would actually be cover under the water damage part of your homeowners insurance policy and not flood.

Filing an Insurance Claim For A/C damages

As public adjusters for A/C damages, we will file an air conditioning insurance claim on your behalf through your insurance company. Here are the things we will need.

  • Pictures of all visible damages made to your A/C unit
  • File a report if the A/C damage was due to vandalism
  • Call your insurance agent to inform them of the damages and tell them that you want to file a claim.
  • A claims adjuster would then be send to your home to inspect the damages and they will give you and your insurance company an estimate of the cost of the damage.
  • If there is water damage to you wood flooring call a restoration company to help dry it out
AC leak Public Adjuster

How to prevent AC Damage


  • Only about 28% of people call a professional whenever a problem occurs or for maintenance purposes. Their air conditioners lasts about 40% more than the average lifespan.
  • Due to the heat in Florida per capita we use more air conditioning then anyone else in the US 

Recently one of our AC leak public adjusters helped a single-family home that had a problem with their air conditioning unit. When the family filed a claim at their homeowners’ insurance company, the company only found $2,840 worth of damages . The family hired a Lincoln public adjuster,  who called and negotiated with their insurance company and settled for an amount of $41,847 for the actual damages with replacing the wood flooring that was damaged by the water.

Does your home insurance cover AC damages?

It is a necessity to have air conditioning especially in Florida where it is humid and hot all year round. However, unfortunate events happen such as storms, fire damage, or vandalism can happen. It is important to find out if your homeowners insurance cover A/C leaks. For most insurance, A/C leaks can be covered but it also depends on how the leaking started. Your home insurance would not cover you if its a long standing problem as per your policy you are only covered if the damage is sudden and accidental. 

Most insurance would not tell you about what is covered or what is not covered until the damage is already done. But if you hire a Lincoln Public Adjuster, we will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

What is the cost of having an A/C repair specialist come and fix my AC ?

The safest way to get an air-conditioning leak fixed is to get a professional to do it for you. However, some people may do this as a last option as the cost of getting a professional is a lot higher than doing it yourself. According to popular mechanics, to get a licensed air-conditioning contractor with more than 20-30 years of experience, it would cost you about $100-150, depending on the severity of the leak.

What are A/C Leaks?


Majority of Air-Conditioning damages are caused by leaks. Some of these leaks tend to be relatively small can be large especially if it is installed above the ceiling. What a lot of homeowners don’t know is that many of these leaks can be easily fixed and maintained without calling a professional. There can be many reasons why A/C systems leak, to name a few there may be:

  1. Possible cracks in the drain pan
  2. The air filter needs to be changed because it is clogged with dirt
  3. The condensate line is clogged
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