Smoke Damage Public Adjuster

Smoke Damage

Even small home fires can result in significant smoke damage. Taking an obvious toll on your personal items and resulting in unseen damage to your home’s structure, the cleanup of smoke and soot is time sensitive. Acidic in nature, it affects each surface of your home differently, rapidly taking its toll unless quickly and carefully addressed by a Smoke Damage Public Adjuster.

Smoke damage Tips

Porcelain. Bath tubs, basins and every other porcelain surface must be cleaned quickly to prevent permanent staining.
Metallic Surfaces. Acidic soot can cause metal surfaces to corrode with time. Especially large appliances like your stainless steel refrigerator.Wiping them with cooking oil can prevent staining and rusting.
Flooring. Flooring may need to be refinished or replaced, especially when you take in to account the water from the fire department.
Upholstery. Upholstery should be deep cleaned and not just vacuumed. Vacuuming alone can push soot deeper into the upholstery making it harder to get rid of the soot and smell.
Clothes & Bedding. To even try and attempt to get rid of the smell and soot from clothing they need to go through a special washing cycle and chemical treatment.
Furniture & Carpet. How do you clean smoke damaged wood furniture? Very carefully, this should be done outside as sometimes during the cleaning process you can stain the flooring around it

Porous materials. Drywall, plaster, wallpaper, paint, and exposed wood can quickly become permanently discolored. A dry chemical sponge can prevent soot from penetrating into the surface.

Plastic & PVC. Plastic surfaces are often the worst affected materials from smoke than any other materials, discoloration can happen in minutes and normally need to be discarded.

How A Smoke Damage Public Adjuster Can Help You

The initial contact with your insurance carrier is critical. This contact can be the difference between your claim being paid or getting denied.
Differentiating between belongings and property that can be repaired vs replaced can be overwhelming.
The many requirements and the extent of the damage all come into consideration at this point in your Smoke Damage Insurance claim. It’s hard to properly calculate what amount will effectively cover all the damages to your home. It may seem like the insurance carrier paid you enough. In reality it could require so much more to repair your home and bring it back to Pre-loss condition.
The complexity and time-consuming tasks can be taken off your hands by a Smoke  Damage Public Adjuster.
Let us help represent you and help you navigate your Smoke Damage insurance claim.

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