for help with your claim call a hurricane damage public adjuster

The Statue Of Limitation For Your Hurricane Irma Insurance Claim Is Running out

The Florida Law Statute 627.70132 limits the amount of time to file or reopen a hurricane claim under a property insurance policy for loss or damage caused by a hurricane or windstorm to within three years after the damage was sustained. While this law technically gives property owners three years to file a claim, it is usually in their best interest to file a claim as soon as possible so that the property can be repaired and further damage can be mitigated. Additionally, insurance adjusters may suspect that the damage was not related to the hurricane if there is a long delay between the time of the storm and the time of the claim

Roof Damge Insurance claims

Roof Damage insurance claims can be tricky. Insurance companies might try to deny or underpay your insurance claim, forcing you to pay costly roof damage repairs out of your own pocket. In this case, you may wish to find a public adjuster to assist with your claim. Public adjusters are insurance experts who understand exactly what is and is not covered by insurance companies. They negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure your roof damage claim is covered properly. Most experienced public insurance adjusters also perform their own roof inspections and know exactly how to properly handle your roof damage claim from start to finish.


Common Roof Problems

A few of the most common signs of roof damage

  • Missing shingles
  • Lifted shingles
  • Patched or replaced shingles and tiles
  • Shingle granules
  • Cracked or missing tiles
  • Lifted tiles
  • Damaged Ridgeline


Roof Damage Public Adjuster

Storm Damage And Roof Leaks

Storm damage to your roofs can come from High Winds, Hail, and other serious weather events that may cause damage to your roof. Its important you schedule to have your roof inspected immediately after any serious weather event to help find any damage or leaks and prevent further damage from happening.

Leaks following heavy rains are a big trigger for people wanting to have their roof inspected. This kind of leak is usually a symptom of a serious roof damage problem. If you think you might have a problem with your roof. Its important not to wait, and get it inspected by an experienced Public Insurance Adjuster Miami who can advise you on how to move forward.

How often should you conduct routine inspections? At a minimum, have your roof inspected twice a year (typically in the fall and spring) and after any major weather events. Wind, Hail, etc.



Roof damage insurance claims can often be tricky to inspect and prove your case. Some roof damage is always covered by your homeowners insurance policy, while other roof damage is not.

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover unexpected sudden and accidental roof damage. If your roof was damaged in a storm or by fallen debris, then your homeowners insurance should cover the cost of bringing your home back to pre-loss condition.

However, roof insurance claims from storm damage aren’t always that easy. In most cases, the insurance company will dispute certain aspects of your insurance claim. In this case, you might want to hire a public adjuster to handle your insurance claim and ensure you receive the maximum amount you deserve to get you or home fully repaired


An average homeowner’s insurance policy usually covers things like roof leaks and other roof damage. If your roof is damaged by a Wind, or Hail event then your home insurance should cover the costs of repairing that damage.

However, there are certain types of roof damage that will not be covered by home insurance, including:


  • Wear and tear damage due to an older roof that just needs to be replaced.
  • If your Policy has exclusions for wind or hail related events. see why its important to have your policy reviewed by one an insurance specialist.
  • If your roof has been leaking for years, and you have ignored i, or failed to take immediate action after a storm, like failing to put a tarp on the damaged part of your roof thus leading to more damage water damage. Then your insurance carrier might try to deny your insurance claim.
Getting an accurate roof inspection when filing a claim is crucial. An accurate roof damage estimate creates a good foundation for the rest of your insurance claim, helping you get the exact amount of money you need from your insurance company to repair your roof and home back to its pre-loss condition.


for help with your claim call a Hurricane Damage public adjuster


How A Public Adjuster Can Help You

We recommend contacting a public insurance adjuster to get an estimate on your roof damage and help you with your claim. A Public Adjuster can safely get on your roof, asses the damage, and write an estimate to send to the insurance carrier so you can get paid the full amount that you need to get your home fixed.

Our public adjusters specialize in roofing inspections, especially in areas like Miami Port St Lucie, Naples, Orlando, and Panama City. Instead of first hiring a contractor and then a public adjuster, you can just hire a public adjuster to assist with the roof inspection and to handle all aspects of your claim.

The insurance company’s adjuster might challenge that some of the roof damage was not caused by the recent Hurricane or storm, or that it was pre-existing damage. When disagreements arise over roof damages, a public adjuster will represent you and fight to resolve the issue.

If you spot signs of damage, or if you do not feel comfortable getting up onto your roof, then we recommend contacting a Public Adjuster Miami as soon as possible to inspect the damages. The sooner you contact a Public insurance Adjuster, the sooner you can initiate the claims process with your insurance company.

Keep in mind that in almost every state it is illegal for your roofing contractor to negotiate or handle your insurance claim. State licensed Public Insurance Adjusters or Attorneys are the only professionals allowed to adjust claims in most states.

Always use a licensed professional

Roof Damage insurance claims can be tricky. Insurance companies look to limit the amount they pay for your roof damage insurance claim. To ensure your roof damage gets paid out fully, you can hire a public insurance adjuster. A good public adjuster will manage your claim from beginning to end, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure your roof damage insurance claim is handled properly and you receive the full compensation you deserve.