Water Damage Insurance Claim Broward County

Broward County Water Damage Insurance Claim

With over 680,000 households in Broward County the chances of a homeowner filing a water damage insurance claim Broward County are pretty high. For the majority of homeowners the likelihood of filing a claim more then once every 10 years are low. As public adjusters Broward county we see countless homeowners who don’t even know where to start after suffering from a water damage loss in Miami.

Water damage to your home can occur from the smallest of kitchen leaks to a valve blowing and flooding out your home. A Broward County water damage insurance claim public adjuster can help on your insurance claim in Miami and is there to ensure you get the full payout you deserve per your policy. 

Insurance carriers are notorious for trying too low ball their insureds by offering a low offer and value for the damage incurred often times leaving their clients with no other choice then to pay thousands out of pocket in order to fix their homes. If this happens to your water damage insurance claim call a public adjuster near you right away to get the representation you need in order to get what you deserve.

A Public Adjuster Near You

Hiring a public adjuster near you is the smartest thing to do. Your local Public Adjuster will be able to work with you and be there every step of the way as opposed to some of the bigger corporate firms where your claim is just a number in a file.

Lincoln Public Adjusting has a team of experienced water damage public adjusters in Miami to help you recover fully from your loss and put your insurance claim behind you as soon as possible. 

Our Florida Public Adjusters can also help on your Hurricane damage claim, fire damage claims, and your Flood damage insurance claims.

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Q. Does my insurance cover AC leaks?

A. Yes. Per your policy your homeowners insurance should cover any sudden and accidental loss including AC leaks.

AC leaks are very common in Miami and Broward County especially in the summer when they are typically working over time.

If you think you may have damage from a leaking AC in your home let us know. We are here to help.

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