Water Damage Insurance Claim North Miami

North Miami Water Damage Insurance Claim

As innocent as water looks the damage caused by water damage insurance claims in North Miami have a devastating effect on hundreds of homeowners across Florida and Miami every year. water damage effects everyone as everyone has to have water in their home to drink and wash up with. Some of the more common causes that make homeowners file North Miami water damage insurance claims include AC leaks, shower pan leaks, kitchen leaks, and bathroom leaks.

The majority of homeowners in Florida are not plumbers and are not experts in water damage. although it may look like a small leak under the kitchen sink more often then not is actually a lot worse with some cases developing mold and having to redo the entire kitchen which can run in the tens of thousands of dollars to replace.

As a homeowner you pay your premium every month expecting to be covered in the event of a loss to your home in Miami. Unfortunately insurance carriers in Florida seem to be more then happy to take your premiums but when it come to paying out on the claim they drag their feet. This is where a Miami Public Adjuster can help. A Public Adjuster is their to protect your best interests and ensure you get the full payout you deserve for the damages you incurred. 

Florida Public Adjuster

What does a Florida Public Adjuster do?

When you file a water insurance claim your insurance carrier will send out their own adjuster to look at the damage and ultimately determine a value of it. These adjusters work for the insurance company and don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind.

A Florida Public Adjuster work for you the homeowner and has the fiduciary responsibility to have your best interests in mind at all times. Additionally Public Adjusters in Miami are licensed and bonded by the state to adjust and negotiate with your insurance carrier on your behalf to reach the full and fair settlement  that you deserve.

Water Damage


Q. Why is there brown staining on my ceiling?

A. Brown staining on your walls or ceiling are a good indicator that you have a water leak somewhere in you home. Brown water stains on your ceiling often come from roof leaks and here in Florida these are often caused by hurricane damage.

Staining on your walls could come from multiple locations so its best you have a plumber come out to determine where it is coming from.

If you do have a water leak in your home call your Public Adjuster near me and they can help with your water damage insurance claim.


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