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What To Do If You Have Water Damage In Orlando

If you are wondering what to do if you have water damage in Orlando then no need to worry as Lincoln Public Adjusting can help. Water damage insurance claim in Orlando can cause huge amounts of damage and cost tens of thousands to repair. A Florida public adjuster can help with your homeowners insurance claim and ensure that you get paid the full amount you deserve per your policy for the the damages you sustained. Water lekas can come in all shapes and sizes from AC leak and shower pan leaks to dishwashers flooding your kitchen.

When you incur water damage to your home right after you turn off the water to stop the damage from getting worse call a public adjuster in Orlando to be your claims advocate against your insurance carrier. Not only will this help you recover more from the insurance carrier but will take all the stress away from you. Florida public adjusting can help with all types of insurance claims including water damage, mold, fire, and hurricane. 

Water Damage To Your Wood Flooring

In Florida a large percentage of homeowners have wood flooring installed. When you have water leak onto your hardwood floor there is a very good chance that it will warp or debond.

Its important get the water dried out and the claim process started as soon after the loss as possible. Per your policy as the insured you have a duty after the loss to mitigate any further damages happening to your property.

If you have water damage to your wood flooring we can help you recover the full amount you are owed for your homeowners insurance claim.


Water Damage


Q. Is there a limit on what i can recover for claim

A. Typically the only limit for your damages are the policy limits, however some carriers like Citizens, Universal, and Peoples Trust have started to implement 10k caps on all water related damages.

In order to avoid being out of pocket after a devastating loss makes sure to look for this clause in your policy and if possible take it out.

If you have questions a Lincoln Public Adjuster can help walk you through the claims process.

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