Water Damage Insurance Claims Port St Lucie

Port St Lucie Water Damage Insurance Claims

Although Port sat lucie is further north from places like Miami, Boca, and Naples it still gets its fair share of heavy rains and water damage insurance claims in Port St Lucie. With over 50 inches of rain falling each in throughout the state of Florida roofing systems take a beating. After a heavy rainfall there often is heavy water build up and property’s in Port St Lucie flood causing sever damage to homeowners.

Rainfall and wind driven rain are not the only cause of water damage here in Florida. Shower pan leaks, p-trap leaks,and AC leaks are among the common cause of losses for Port St Lucie water damage insurance claims. 

If you do have water damage to your home it is of the upmost importance to deal with it right away. The first step is to get the affected areas dried, and the majority of homeowners insurance policy’s will provide coverage for a restoration company to come and dry it out properly for you this will prevent the damage from getting any worse as well as preventing mold from growing. Call a Port St Lucie Public Adjuster near you and they will help build the claim correctly from the beginning thus giving you the best chance at recovering the full amount you deserve for your insurance claim in Florida.

Water Damage to Wood Flooring

AC leaks are notorious for leaking onto wood flooring causing it to warp or become separated. Common cause are blocked drainage lines and or frozen pipes.

If you see stading water on the floor by your HVAC unit or notice water damage on the floor near the AC unit call a AC specialist right away to diagnose the problem.

A Public Adjuster near you will advise you of your options and what the best next step is for you regarding filing an homeowners insurance claim for the water damages.

Water damage in Port St Lucie


Q. How do i know if i have coverage for my water damage insurance claim

A. When looking for coverage the first place to look is in your homeowners insurance policy as this is the contract between you and your insurance carrier.

 Your policy will spell everything you are covered such as water, hurricane, fire, mold, and flood.

A public adjuster is a expert on everything insurance and can look at whatever damage you have and advise you on how best to proceed. 

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