Water Damage Insurance Claim South Florida

South Florida Water Damage Insurance Claim

Florida homeowners know all to well the damage a water damage insurance claim in south Florida can cause. When people think of Public Adjuster Miami and Public Adjuster Florida they may think that you only need one after a major hurricane occurs. Really the opposite is true, Public Adjusters in Miami deal with more south Florida water damage insurance claims then hurricane claim on a day to day basis.

When water come into contact with drywall or baseboards they act as a sponge and soak up water leaving it susceptible to mold and will need to be dried out as soon as possible. The definition of a water damage insurance claim is a sudden accidental loss, this can happen from multiple sources including roof leaks, pipe leaks, bathroom leaks, and dishwasher leaks.

A Miami public adjuster specializes in recovering the full amount you derserve for your homeowners water damage insurance claim. There are often times that your insurance carrier wont agree to pay you for the full amount of the damage for example your carrier will only pay for a part of your kitchen cabinet but really they should be paying for the full thing. A Florida public adjuster is there to advocate on your behalf and make sure you get fully indemnified for you loss.

Filing A Water Damage Insurance Claim In Miami

AC leaks and dishwasher leaks are the most common cause of water damage to homeowners homes and condos. If you come home and see water damage on your wood flooring caused by your AC the first thing you need to do is stop ot from getting worse.

The next step is to call your local public adjuster near you in south Florida and they will walk you through the claim process step by step always having your best interests in mind.

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Q. How does a public adjuster get paid?

A. All Lincoln Public Adjusters in Miami Florida get paid on a contingency basis meaning we don’t get paid unless we recover money for you for your claim. 

Public Adjusters have a fiduciary responsibly to their clients to always have their best interests in mind. When you file a water damage insurance claim your insurance carrier will send out their own adjuster to evaluate the claim. Ultimately this insurance adjuster has the insurance carriers best interests in mind. 

A public adjuster is there to represent you and in essence is hired by you to protect your rights. 

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