for help with your claim call a water damage public adjuster

Water Damage Insurance Claims

Living in South Florida, water damage insurance claims are among the most frequent types of homeowner’s insurance claims that Public Adjusters handle. Both in total numbers of claims filed as well as severity (amount of damage) per claim. What is and what isn’t covered for your Water Damage Claim under your homeowner’s insurance is often hotly debated, confusing for homeowners, and can be extremely difficult to properly asses without an expert’s help.

Water Damage can pose a serious threat to your home whether its a

  • Leaking roof
  • Shower pan leak,
  • Kitchen leak
  • A leak under the kitchen sink
  • Sewer backup
  • Overflow
  • Flood

Its important that you take care of it as soon as possible especially as mold can set in right away.

If you have noticed any water leaks, flooding, or water intrusion its important to call your Florida Lincoln Public Adjusting  

As  Public Adjusters in Florida we will look after your interests and make sure you are fully indemnified for you loss.

By now you should have known that an insurance company will employ an adjuster to work on its behalf. These adjusters are both trained and paid directly by your insurance company. The only catch, though, is that they do not have your best interest in mind. They solely care about the insurance company’s. After all, insurers do not make money when paying claims.

How a Florida Lincoln Public Adjuster can help you

This is where a public adjuster can really help you. For starters, he will use his expertise for your water damage insurance claim, allowing you to potentially receive a much higher payout. And there is quite a difference compared to trying to handle the claim on your own. Also, hiring a Public Adjuster gives you the chance to offload all the stress associated with filing a water damage insurance claim and avoid mistakes. This is because you have someone who represents YOU and is working on your behalf.

A public adjuster understands the complected process of filing and re-opening denied water damage claims. Furthermore, the hiring of a Public Adjuster means could mean a faster payout as water damage claims tend to move a little bit faster to a settlement with one involved.