Hurricane damage roof patch

Why Your Insurance Carrier should Replace And Not Just Repair

Roof patches are a very common sight in Florida since Hurricane Irma in 2017, and effect shingle roofs and tile roofs alike. If you ever speak to a homeowners and ask them why there is a big old patch on their roof the number one answer will be ”my insurance carrier only paid out enough for a patch repair” these same homeowners will also tell you that nine out of ten time these patched roofs will start to leak again. 

This is the exact reason why your insurance carrier should pay to replace the roof and not just pay for a patch repair. Roofing systems are in essence a actual system and need to replaced as a whole in order to keep its full integrity, no wonder patched roofs keep on leaking.

Roof Damage Public Adjuster

As Public Adjusters in Florida one of the things we deal with on a day to day basis are leaking roofs and roofs that are affected by hurricanes and tropical storms.

By putting a small patch you are just putting off the inevitable and its no longer a matter of if it will leak again but a matter of when. Many insurance carriers know that for the majority of homeowners they can pay a minimal amount just enough for a patch and they will go away.

Not only is this wrong and in bad faith on the carriers part but it only makes the problem worse because when it does start leaking again it tends to be a lot worse second time around

Reopening Claims And Statute Of Limitations

Just because you got a low ball offer for you insurance claim doesn’t mean you cant reopen it at a later date even if you have already cashed the original check. The statute of limitations for all hurricane related insurance claims is three years. This means that you have up to three years to reopen any claim filed within that time.

This gives you the homeowner the chance to have a public insurance adjuster look over the claim and ensure you get paid the full amount you deserve and need to fix your home. It always pays to have second opinion. In our experience more often then not you have not been paid the full amount your claim is worth.

water damage public adjuster

The same applies to flooring, your insurance carrier is responsible to bring you back to pre loss condition. Your pre loss condition was a uniform wooden floor or matching tiles. Why let your insurance carrier get away with only paying with a small patch of flooring. 

If you have a water leak that ruined your flooring your insurance carrier may be responsible to pay you the full amount to replace the floor.

Feel free to reach out to your local Lincoln Public Adjuster for a second opinion on your homeowners insurance claim.

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