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Your Cast Iron Pipes Could Be A Ticking Time Bomb In Your Home

If your home was built prior to 1975, the chances are that your plumbing consists of Cast Iron Piping. Unfortunately these pipes are subject to corrosion and rust on the inside of the pipes. Have you had your Cast Iron Plumbing System inspected?

In Florida alone there are over two million homes that have Cast Iron Plumbing. Although the lifespan on a Cast Iron Plumbing System should be around 90 years, however due to the salt and moister rich environment in the state of Florida the lifespan of Cast Iron Piping in Florida tends to be between 30-40 years.

Cast Iron Pipes have been used since the 17th century. They are made of Iron and are extremely susceptible to rust, and they can slowly chip away leading to a complete system failure.

Signs of a cast iron problem                                                            

The typical signs that you may have a Cast Iron Plumbing system that is about to fail include.

  • Clogged Drains
  • Water Damage
  • Higher Then Normal Water Bill
  • Roach and Pest Infestation
  • Slow Draining
  • Sewer Backup Into The Home
  • Unexplained Bad Smells In And Around The Home  
  • Dark Green Or Brown Stains On The Lawn Outside

If you have any of these symptoms call us today to get your cast iron pipes inspected .

The cost to replace the Cast Iron Plumbing System could run in the tens of thousands not including any additional damages that may have occurred to your home.

When you first see any signs of a Cast Iron Pipe Issue its important to act right away. Always use a Public Adjuster for your Cast Iron Pipe Claim. Insurance companies are notorious for underpaying and even denying these claims.

As Public Adjusters we have your best interest in mind and represent you against the Insurance Carrier ensuring you get the full settlement you deserve.