How Much Do Public Adjusters Charge In Miami Florida

Public Adjusters In Florida

When you incur property damages to your home, chances are you will have to consider making an insurance claim. If you have to do so, you might find yourself dealing with an insurance adjuster. Public insurance adjusters in Miami, Florida will not charge you for visiting the site of the loss and determining whether they will work on your case.

Public adjusters charge on a contingency bases and charge a percentage of what you are bound to receive when the insurance company settles your claim. In Miami, Florida the percentage charged by public adjusters lies in between 10% percent for the state of the emergency claims such as a hurricane or storm and 20% percent for a regular event. Choosing a public insurance adjuster is better than filing the claim yourself as they will do a tidier job, get you the correct amount, and save your time.

More about Miami Public Insurance Adjusters

A Public adjusters duty is to YOU and works on your behalf; they work on behalf of the policyholder. A business or individual typically employs the services of this adjuster when they require some assistance in filing a claim or when they believe the claim amount being offered by the insurance company is not correct.

Claims for hurricane damage, fire, winds, or floods, as well as damage resulting from other perils, can be negotiated and filed by a public insurance adjuster. Additionally, they can also evaluate property losses resulting from situations such as loss of business income

Types of Insurance Adjusters

Claims adjusters are the professionals that you will deal with the most while following up on your insurance claim. There are three types of adjusters, and they include:

An Insurance Company Adjuster This is an adjuster employed by the insurance company.

Public Adjuster This is an insurance adjuster that evaluates property damage on behalf of the policyholder and assists them in filing insurance claims. These are licensed professionals that work for you and not for insurance companies. 

Know who your Public Adjuster is

What Can a Public Insurance Adjuster Do For You?

Time is short, and most homeowners can’t spend time filling out forms, evaluating damages submitting claims and waiting for hours on the phone with the insurance carrier. 

 A public insurance adjuster is a specialist in the language and details found in insurance policies and can file and adjust claims for you. Contact between you and your adjuster is personal while that between them and your insurance company typically occurs via mail. Needless to say, when a public insurance adjuster has your back when you need to file a claim.

Should You Use a Public Insurance Adjuster? The normal is for homeowners to file a property insurance claims. However, its always best to consider using a public adjuster to fight for your insurance claim in Florida.

You as the policyholder stand to lose nothing from hiring one considering  public adjusting companies in Miami offer to evaluate the loss, free of charge. They aim to help you determine the severity of the damage while advising you on whether or not you should file the claim. Additionally, regardless of whether the policyholder is sure about the loss’s value, having a second opinion is only wise. In fact, on many occasions, public insurance adjusters, on visiting the sites of property loss or damage, find that the policyholders’ loss estimates are far below what they should be.

Since insurance adjusters who handle property claims are experts, They know that say a hurricane hits and your roof get damaged the insurance carrier is not only responsible to replace the roof but also to pay for it to be removed. You have to remember that insurance companies are after all in business and as such would never voluntarily pay you more than what you have claimed even when they notice you omitted some costs. Hiring a public insurance adjuster will save you from such pitfalls


Questions To Ask Your Public Adjuster

How do you Choose A Public Insurance Adjuster in Miami, FL? When looking to hire a right public adjuster, you first need to check whether they are legally certified to practice. As such, do not employ the services of an attorney or contractor who claim they can offer adjustment services yet they do not have the necessary licenses. Remember, a license is the ultimate proof of qualification.

 Will the adjuster handle your claims personally? As the client, you preferably need one person working on your case. However, most public adjusting companies in Miami will send several experts over to inspect your home, and that’s a good thing! Sometimes another public adjuster will give it to another adjuster because they specialize in a specific type of claim such as roof damage.

Can you get referrals? Having a friend refer you to a public adjuster is the best way of finding a right adjuster. However, if none of your acquaintances have worked with adjusters before, ask the adjuster you have discovered for contact information of their previous clients to do a follow-up. A right adjuster with nothing to hide will willingly divulge this information.

 If you think you may need a public adjuster in Naples, Port St Lucie or Orlando let us know and a Lincoln Public Adjuster will be there to help you every step of the way.