Insurance Adjusters For Broken Drain Lines

Insurance Companies on Broken Pipe Coverage

Insurance companies usually consider a home or business’ plumbing to be under routine home or business owner maintenance. You are ultimately responsible for repairing or replacing any broken pipes. Most insurance policies will cover the water damage portion if it happens as the result of a burst pipe within the property. Whether or not they include the cost of replacing the pipe within the home or business depends on whether the the damage was cause by asudden and accedntial loss.  Public Insurance Adjusters for broken drain lines can assist you with your insurance claim ensuring the insurance company does not try to deny or underpay your claim.

The damage of a broken pipe within your home can cause severe repercussions for your property. It can take an extended amount of time and a lot of money to repair the rusulting damage. Many homeowners who have dealt with a broken pipe ask a straightforward question, “who will cover all these damages?” Finding a trusted public adjuster Miami for broken drain lines should always be the first step in getting compensated for damages done to your home. Many homeowners assume since they have homeowner’s insurance, a check will arrive in the mail to replace and cover thefull extent of the damage. Unfortianatly this isn’t always the case. Depending on your homeowners’ insurance policy, your insurance may not cover these damages.


Be Careful Fixing The Pipes Yourself

Pipes that suffer damages because of negligence, whether you tried to fix the plumbing yourself or you just merely thought you could handle the loss yourself, will result in your insurance claim being denied and you not receiving a single penny. 

The reason is that your homeowners’ insurance policy is designed to cover you in sudden and accidental damage. This is very important for homeowners of older homes with old pipes. These homeowners may not know of the condition of their plumbing, but not being aware of a problem does not mean the insurance has to pay for the damages.

Water damage public adjuster

How Our Public Adjusters Can Help You

We want to bring your life back to normal and seek full compensation for the damages endured by your property. Our team of professional Lincoln Public Adjusters have handled an extensive amount of broken drain line cases and have succeeded beyond expectations. Please, don’t stress, contact us today.

If the problem is not fixed in a timely manner, it will only get worse. Broken drain lines can be very stressful, can end up costing you a lot, and can take up a lot of your time. Do you need the stress of relocating if you’re already stressed because of a broken drain line? The answer is no. We don’t put any more stress than you already have.

  • Most homeowners have coverage for accidental leaks and flooding from plumbing.
  • Homeowners insurance claims for water damage in Florida account for almost 50% of claims that were filed.
  • $7,500 is the average amount given to homeowners that claimed water damage for their property.
  • 12,000 homeowners filed water damages in 2019 to Florida homeowners alone.

Symptoms of Broken Drain Lines

for help with your claim call a cast iron pipe damage public adjuster

It may be difficult to see a broken drain line because they are usually underground or behind your walls. How are you able to tell? Well, there are some symptoms that you may experience in your household that will give an indication of a broken drain line.

  • Blockage and backups in the sewage such as: from your toilet, sink, and bathtub drains
  • Sewer odor starts to smell
  • The creation of mold
  • A slow drainage system
  • Having an area on your grass that is greener than other areas. That could be from a leak underground due to broken cast iron pipes.
  • Pest infestation. pest like rats and roaches live in the sewers and can travel from the sewage to your home.

If you start to notice some of these symptoms in your home you should call a Broken drain line Public Adjuster Orlando to help with your insurance claim in Miami

What Can Happen To Your Home If You Have A Broken Drain Line

What causes a broken drain line?  Broken drain lines can be attributed to many reasons. Some may be just mother nature, while others can be prevented. Nothing last forever. There could be many causes that can be associated with a broken drain line. Some could be avoided if paid more attention to.

  • The life-span of the drain. clay, steel, or other material can have a 40-60-year life-span
  • The roots of trees may have taken over the drain
  • No maintenance performed for years on the drain

Broken Drain Lines and Water Damage

Most broken drain lines end up with water damage and can also be hazardous for you and your family. Water damage can cause a great deal of damage to a property, and water damage is the common type of damage that occurs to properties. Water damage can create health hazards such as, mold. as well as being a lenthyn lengthy and costly to fix. As public adjusters, we assist you in measuring your damages, and by speaking with your insurance companies to get you the most out of your claim.

When is the damage not covered by your insurance? As with most insurance, damages would not be covered by it if there is evidence that there is physical damage to the drain pipes or if there is sewage back up.

If broken drain lines happened unexpectedly and/or by accident, your insurance company may be able to give you reimbursement but if you ignore the leak or the broken pipe, the insurance company can deny your claim because they expect you to maintain your property always.

Public adjusters can help you get the most out of your insurance claims and provide an abundance of resources to ensure the job gets done.

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Does your insurance cover broken drain line?

In most homeowner’s insurance, a broken drain line is considered an “other structure” of the home. This means that it is covered the same way as other factors in your policy. The causes that would be covered if the broken drain line is broken are:

  • Lightning or fire
  • Explosions
  • Vandalism
  • Hail or windstorm
  • Falling objects
  • Damages that were caused by airplanes or vehicles

Also, insurance companies can cover you if the broken drain pipe caused damaged to the drywall, paint, carpet and provide any other services you need to clean up the damage.

Clean the pipe underneath the sink. Put a bucket underneath the pipe, look for the cleanup plug, and lastly clean up the clear clog using a coat hanger. If there’s no plug, turn off all water lines and unscrew the pipe from under the sink. This should clear the clog.

Drain snakes are usually a good tool to drain out clog pipes. Before you attempt this, be sure to wear gloves and have a clean area to work on. Put the snake into the drain and constantly turn it slowly. Once it hits debris or any other sewage, pull it out and clear the clog.