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Roof Damages

If your roof has suffered roof failure particularly in a catastrophic loss event like a hurricane or tropical storm, your first duty as the insured is to mitigate or stop the damage from getting  worse. Documenting and making the correct decisions can impact your claim immensely. A public adjuster is here to advise and guide you every step of the way. Roof leak damages can be very dangerous because you can have roofs collapsing, potentially injuring someone within the property. Some damages that you can experience due to a leaky roof are

  • Damage to either the attic or interior of the property
  • The potential growth of mold.

Finding out your roof needs to be repaired or replaced can be troubling for many homeowners. Dealing with the insurance company claim, talking to adjusters and making sure you get compensated for all covered damages is a daunting process. Many homeowners are just unsure of how to even begin to file a claim.

To a homeowner insurance company, the roof is the most critical part of your property. It is the gateway to far more significant damage claims once it has sustained damage. Insurance companies review roofing claims very carefully.

Roof Insurance Policy Some polices will only offer roof damage coverage up to the depreciated value, regardless of your roof’s age. In most cases, your insurance company will send their own inspector to investigate the claim. If the damage is determined by the insurance adjuster to be from aging or wear and tear, it will typically not be covered under your policy. This is where a public adjuster can make a difference and assist in these claims to ensure your insurance company pays for what you are entitled to under your policy.

Insured Peril In the insurance claims business, many of the insured perils result in roof damage. This can be from windstorm, hail, fire, explosions, sinkholes, and collapse to name a few. It is not uncommon for the roof to be breached by an insured peril, therefore resulting in a variety of additional damages to the interior of the property. 

Roof Leakage Many properties suffer from a leakage from the roof that can cause many different damages. It can sometimes be challenging to fix roof damage. Sometimes you may not know what caused this leakage, and it has just become a burden on you. Do not take this responsibility upon yourself. As a public adjuster, we can be the bridge between you and your insurance company.

Time Period for Insurance Claims

Contact a public adjuster as soon as you have sustained damage to your roof, . You will need to most likely have a roof expert evaluate your roof to see what caused the damage. We will be the ones dealing with your insurance company, leaving you hassle-free.

 Do not wait to file a claim because you only have three years to report the damage resulting from your roof leak. We know what to say to your insurance company, and how to deal with their tactics. We will strive to make you whole for your damages, and provide exceptional service to property owners that have gotten damages because of leaky roofs.

Time period to file an insurance claim


Does Home Insurance Cover Roof Damages? 

The majority of roof leaks should be covered by your home insurance policy. However, it also depends the severity of the leaks. In a sense, some insurance companies will give you coverage especially if you have the dwelling coverage in your insurance policy. Dwelling coverage includes your homes structure such as the roof from certain damages. It can also include wind, fire, or even hail damage.

Insurance companies can also consider of the age of your roof during the time of the damage. Typically, if your roof is under 10 years old, you make be able to get reimbursed for it. But if its over 10 years old, they will tell you that you will be responsible for taking care of the repairs yourself.

How Do Roofs Get Damaged? 

  • Cracked lashings
  • Cracked vent booting
  • Skylights that are not correctly installed

How to find the source of a rook leak?

  • Start by looking for the location of the leak inside your home. 
  • Then go into the attic and find the leak on the underside of the roof deck.
  • Finally, find the location where the water is entering your attic space. If the material in the roof show signs of any openings, you may have just found the source of your roof leak.


FHow can you prevent the damage?

  • Check for the most common place to find a roof leak. Leaks would most likely be found in common spaces such as your roof, it may have missing shingles. If you have a chimney, it can be found there too. Plumbing vents and skylights are also common places to find leaks.
  • Sometimes leaks can happen in the shower. Covering the shower leak with plastic sheeting can temporary fix the leak.
  • To repair leaks in shingle roofing, you can remove the damages shingles and replace the damaged shingles with new ones.
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