Water Damage Insurance Claim In Miami

Miami Water Damage Insurance Claim

Water damage insurance claims in Miami are the most common claims files each year. The reason water damage is so common is due to the fact that there are so many things that can lead to water damage occurring to your home. Some of the ways your home can be affected from water damage could stem from AC leaks, leaky p-trap, broken supply line, cast iron plumbing, to name a few.

Gravity has had a big impact on water damage insurance claims. Water loves gravity and tends to spread and head to the lowest point it can find. This means that just because you have a leak upstairs or from your roof doesn’t mean that the lower floors are unaffected. A water damage public adjuster is a expert are finding the full scope of the damages thus ensuring that you the homeowner get paid fully for the damage that occurred within your home.

Is There A Difference Between Water Damage And Flood Damage

For the vast majority of policy’s there is a exclusion for flood insurance meaning if there is a flood you will not be covered. If you are in a flood zone then you will have to purchase additional insurance in order to get coverage.

The general difference between water damage and flood damage is that flood damage in the rising of standing waters so if there is a torrential downpour and your living room gets flooded out this will only be covered under flood insurance.
Miami water damage can occur from many different ways like a leaky tap or P- Trap broken supply line and a overflowing toilet. really anything that is sudden and accidental.

for help with your claim call a water damage public adjuster


Q. My apartment got  water damage from the upstairs condo am i covered?

A. This type of damage is considered to be water damage and not flood damage. In such a case you can file your own claim and your carrier will subrogate the damages from the other insurer.

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