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With all the rain we’ve had this past weekend, a lot of homeowners are wondering. Does Homeowner’s insurance cover rain damage?

As a Florida homeowner, rain is something you’re used to especially  in the months leading up to and during hurricane season. Thunderstorms in Florida are often accompanied by heavy rainfall and strong winds. A common complaint we get as public adjusters in Miami is the all to familiar brown staining on the homeowners ceiling. While Miami, Palm Beach, and Orlando residents are feeling the downpour, other parts of Florida, particularly central Florida typically see much less of it.

The most important step when filing a insurance claim is to make sure you are filing under the right cause if loss. In general your insurance carrier wont cover the actual thing or item that causes the loss to happen, for example your hot water tank explodes and floods out your home. Your homeowners insurance will not cover the hot water tank however it will cover any ensuing damages. When a homeowner sees water leaking in through his ceiling he might think this is a water damage claim when in essence it could be damage caused top your property or roof due to a prior Hurricane or Hail event.

If you have water damage to your home a quick call to your local public adjuster can ensure your claim gets filed in the right way from the beginning thus giving you the best chance at recovering the full amount you need to repair your home.


Flood Damage VS Water Damage

Broken pipes, overflowing bathtubs, broken toilets, burst water mains, damaged washing machine hoses and flash floods. Are just a few of the many ways water can cause extensive damage to your home. 

When the damage happens, your first step is to determine whether you have a water damage insurance claim or a flood claim. The difference between a water damage claim and a flood claim is best distinguished by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) flood definition.

Hurricane Roof Dmage

Water damage definition

Simply put, the main difference between a flood claim and a water damage claim is the origin of the water. With flood damage, the water comes from a natural source and two or more properties are involved (if you reside in a generally residential versus rural area).

If you and your neighbors are all having water issues due to heavy rains and/or rising waters, then you are likely dealing with a flood insurance claim rather than a water insurance claim.Flood damage insurance claims and regular water insurance claims are notoriously difficult to adjust on, having a Lincoln Public Adjuster on your side from day one will put you at ease knowing you property is in good hands.

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